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Specific Ringworm Formula
Get Rid of Ringworm FAST!
Relieves the itch and Inflammation from ringworm.
For external veterinary use on dogs, cats and other furry pets.
Sales price: $17.50
Sales price without tax: $17.50

Description Eradicates the ring-like lesions on the skin and around the paws.   Penetrates quickly both outer and iner layers of the skin. Thus, works better and faster than other barnds.   Ingredients : Eucalyptus, Aloe, Terpenes and antioxidants.   Direction : Apply 2 to 3 times daily to affected areas. For long furred pets, make sure to part the fur and spray directly onto affected skin surface. Remember to continue treatment for 2 more weeks after the lesions are gone for lasting effects.   For external, topical use only. Do not apply into eye. If affected wash the eye with water. Not to be taken. Shake before use.   Keep in a cool, dry place. Close cap tightly after use. Use sparingly on sensitive pets.