Hello everyone! Welcome to Goofypets.com.sg!

This is Clara, founder of Goofy Pets!

In order to let you guys understand Goofy Pets better, let me first share a little background on us!

Background of Goofy Pets

Goofy Pets has been established officially on 5th April 2013. I myself have been in this pet industry for 6 years and have gone through different experiences before setting up Goofy Pets. Though the journey till today was never easy, however the passion and determination stays with me and gave me the biggest motivation to continute despite the difficulties. Without the support of many loyal fans of Goofy Pets, I would say that i probably would not have made it till today.

Goofy Pets, being an online pet store, serves to provide not just the better prices, but also a good shopping experience! I personally strongly believe in having a personal touch with every supporter of Goofy Pets and thus if there is anything you would require my assistance on, do feel free to whatsapp me at 65 92985027 :)

What will this blog be all about?

As I believe sharing experiences with all our readers here would be beneficial for each and every one of us to learn and give the best for our pets, I would like to share a few main topics.

Definitely, should you be kind enough to share with us your experiences or have any upcoming topics you would like to contribute to share with us and our readers, please do not hesistate to write in to claragoofypets@gmail.com and we will be more than glad to have your contribution!;)

Main topics to be covered:

1) General knowledge about pets
2) Sharing experiences of handling different pets (dogs, cats and small animals)
3) Grooming tips for rabbits and guinea pigs
4) Own personal experience with our two lovely Goofy Pets- Mocha (Shih Tzu) and Solace (Husky)
5) Recommendations of pet products
6) Promotions from Goofy Pets
7) Latest updates of news on pets
8) Goofy Pets VIP Membership Updates/Promotions

We hope that these topics are of help to all friends of Goofy Pets and as we are consistently striving to provide our customers with the best shopping experience,
hence should you have any form of feedback with regards to your shopping experience with us, please do not hesistate to reach out to us via

Stay tune with us for more exciting updates to come! :)