Pets can be far more costly than most people would believe and owning a pet is a lengthy and extensive commitment. However, this doesn’t mean that pets have to be expensive in order to be healthy and happy. There are many ways that a pet owner can use to cut their monthly budget while still keeping their pet in the best of health. Many pet owners may not even realize that the choices they make to save money on their pet will actually adversely affect both their pet and their finances in the future.



Goofy Pets has been established officially on 5th April 2013. I myself have been in this pet industry for 6 years and have gone through different experiences before setting up Goofy Pets. Though the journey till today was never easy, however the passion and determination stays with me and gave me the biggest motivation to continute despite the difficulties. Without the support of many loyal fans of Goofy Pets, I would say that i probably would not have made it till today. Continue reading